Are you...

Tired of writing off unpaid claims because of credentialing issues?

Are you aware of how many claims are being written off?

Seeing patients, providing stellar care and then receiving payments at the “non-par” rate because the physician and/or location is not credentialed correctly?

Receiving payments that are below your costs because the insurer rates are too low?

Simply put, we keep you participating and work with you to increase your payment base. You give us your list of participating insurers (including all provider numbers) and we validate the information, identify and correct any problems through our medical credentialing services. We complete all forms for you; track whatever applications need to be tracked. Keep you credentialed through all the Recredentialing, directory updates, etc. CAQH is done for you every quarter - we even remind you when license. DEA, CDS and insurance are expiring (we'll help with them, too). We keep your medical credentialing up to date so that you can avoid the headaches and focus on seeing patients.

Our own streamlined system is designed to make the complicated ---EASY!


What People Area Saying...

"By the time we opened our new practice, all our credentialing was in place and ready to be sent to every agency that needed it. If we came across a new insurance carrier that did not have our credentials, all we had to do was make a single phone call and the matter was handled. Everyone in AddVal's office seemed to know the status of any pending credentials."
Steve R., DO

"The credentialing process is very complex, especially where Medicare is concerned. If you forget to cross one 't' or dot an 'i', they will kick the form back to you. I am very appreciative that AddVal has taken this onerous burden off my plate. They handle everything for me and they do an excellent job. The AddVal team adds true value to our medical practice.
Mary Ellen P., Practice Administrator

"We initially contracted with AddVal to just get our new physicians credentialed, but they did such an outstanding job, we let them take over all of our credentialing work. They reviewed our files, cataloged and verified all of our credentialing information. It was a fairly massive project. They got us back up to speed on our credentialing work and now seamlessly handle all of our existing physicians as their re-credentialing needs occur."
Julia L., Executive Director


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