You need someone to look out for you in the bureaucratic nightmare that is the existing medical credentialing system. Every state, every hospital, every insurance company has different rules, forms, processes and requirements for medical billing and credentialing. And just when you think you may be getting a grasp, it changes!

Michelle McFarlane, RN, MSN, MBA and the highly professional staff at AddVal Inc.have the unparalleled medical credentialing experience to deliver meaningful benefits to your practice:

AddVal's niche business focuses entirely on medical credentialing…nothing else. Because we've been doing this since 1995, we know everyone, have seen everything and developed contacts everywhere!

AddVal understands each state's requirements inside-out and can get your job done quickly and accurately. We've been in this business for over 15 years and currently represent over 5,000 medical professionals!

Reduced reimbursements. Accelerated expenses. Physicians have to cope with enough business headaches that distract from patient care. AddVal's proactive approach improves productivity and reduces administrative costs. And we've got a solid track record to back-up this claim!


AddVal's credentialing services fit a variety of organizations – from large to small. Our current base of 5,000+ clients represents a diverse group of health care providers. Pick the Medical Credentialing Package that's right for you:

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With medical billing and credentialing, things can always fall through the cracks. Coordinating with insurance companies, licensing agencies and other organizations throughout the lengthy process can create some black holes! To avoid complications, AddVal developed a customized tracking system to follow every aspect of each medical credentialing project. Our custom software tracks your paperwork and provides useful reports on a monthly basis, or more often if you prefer. To learn other AddVal advantages click here.

"By the time we opened our new practice, all our credentialing was in place and ready to be sent to every agency that needed it. If we came across a new insurance carrier that did not have our credentials, all we had to do was make a single phone call and the matter was handled. Everyone in AddVal's office seemed to know the status of any pending credentials."
Steve R., DO
"As soon as I provided the Medicare information to AddVal, the correct forms were completed and returned for the doctor's review & signatures. Everything was completed & submitted to Medicare within a week. "Michelle made everything so easy; she sent me the completed forms and all we had to do was sign in the appropriate places."
Cindi P, Office Manager -- Read More
"We initially contracted with AddVal to just get our new physicians credentialed, they did such an outstanding job, we let them take over all our credentialing work. They reviewed our files, cataloged and verified our credentialing information. It was a massive project. They got us back up to speed on our credentialing work and now seamlessly handle all our existing physicians as their re-credentialing needs occur."
Julia L., Executive Director -- Read More

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